"It is amazing to live without headaches after having them daily for the past 15 years. Dr. Ben, you rock!"

Rena Deming
Administrative Assistant
Belgrade, MN


"I had suffered with headaches every day for the last 2.5 years.  After going to Dr. Ben, the first week I noticed an improvement.  I had been to many medical doctors and had received no end to my problem.  I am very satisfied with the results I have been receiving."

Betty Weiber
Accounting Clerk
Clara City, MN


"Prior to seeing Dr. Ben I suffered from horrible migraine headaches that would at times send me to the hospital.  Since beginning treatment, my headaches have disappeared.  I would recommend to anyone experiencing discomfort, pain, or are on medication for headaches to give this a try.  It's worth it!"

Tammy Armstrong
Account Payable
Paynesville, MN


"Before coming to Dr. Ben, I had frequent headaches. Now, after coming in for adjustments, they are gone. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ben to anyone that was hesitant about going to a chiropractor."

Stacy Peterson
New London, MN


"I love gardening, but back and joint pain limited the amount of time I would devote to my passion.  Aspirin, ice, heat rest, and a cane helped only a little.  Dr. Ben spoke at a forum presentation for my church and I decided to give him a try.  A very thorough exam resulted in a map laying out in detail my problems, needed treatment, schedule of visits, and cost.  His professional commitment for my care was unique, effective, and an amazing blessing.  Like any garden, I still have a few weeds (pain), but it is so infrequent I am able to see more flowers (comfort).  My garden requires regular maintenance (treatment) to continue in health.  With Dr. Ben's instructions I know my body needs regular maintenance also.  Thanks Dr. Ben for your generous effective care- my garden and I appreciate all you've done and will do for us."

Becky West
"The Eclectic Gardener"
New London, MN


"Before I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Ben, I had neck pain ad headaches.  I started care from Dr. Ben and as a result I have felt significantly better.  I can't remember my last headache, or mornings with a sore neck!  I really enjoy coming for my visits.  Dr. Ben and staff are so welcoming and friendly!  I would definitely recommend coming to Dr. Ben for care. He is honest and does all that he can to make you feel your best!"

Anna Hoffman
Spicer, MN


"Being an avid drummer and hunter it was hard to live with the back pain that I felt.  Long walks and drumming for an extended period of time gave me a sharp pain in my back.  Going through the procedures, my back feels amazing and is pain free all the time.  Dr. Ben always explained everything and gave me things I can do to help prevent future pains.  All in all, it was a great experience that was extremely effective."  

Kevin Lindquist
Spicer, MN


"I was having trouble sleeping at night.  That problem has been corrected.  I believe I have been helped both physically and emotionally!"

Donald Bugbee
Willmar, MN


"It's a miracle!  I used to be in pain most of the day.  I have been sleeping through the night with no pain.  I've been to two other chiropractors but have not gotten relief like this anywhere else.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Now...I have no pain!"

Caroll Ditmarson
Spicer, MN


"My back, knee,hip, arthritis, and neck pain have bothered me for years.  After trying many doctors, Dr. Ben put me on the road to healing.  He helped prepare me for hip replacement surgery.  Because of this, my hip healed quickly and my back pain is gone.  Your encouragement and explanations of treatments are very helpful.  Thanks for getting me on the road to pain free living Dr. Ben!"

Ardys Dybsand
New London, MN